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Product Care

Caring for your Handwoven treasures


Almost all of our handwoven items can be machine washed 

This excludes any items with metal hardware or leather straps as those items should not be machine washed.


To machine wash your handwoven goods:

machine wash icon. our products are machine washable on delicate cycle or in a wash bag

Either place directly in washing machine or place in a delicates bag first. Use the hand wash or delicates cycle in warm/cool water and a small amount of gentle detergent or a small bag of our natural Soap Berries.


To hand wash your handwoven goods:

hand wash icon. our products can be hand washed in warm water and lightly agitated. Avoid washing areas or products with leather straps and hardware

Fill up a bucket or tub with enough warm (not hot) water to submerge your item. Add a small amount of gentle detergent and mix. Add your woven item and gently submerge and lightly agitate. Be carful not to get any hardware or leather straps wet. Let soak a few minutes, then again gently agitate. Rinse with cool water.


To dry your woven items:

We suggest you hang or lay flat your woven items, then for a softer touch you can put nearly dry items in a medium heat dryer for about 5 minutes. Again, we do not suggest this for any items with metal hardware or leather straps.


Mending your items

We don't actually expect you'll need to mend anything, but if you find a thread is coming out of your woven item you can weave it back in using a small needle, or simply trim it - as long as it is the end of a thread and not a loop it is fine to cut.

To fix a pulled thread simply tug on the edges of the fabric horizontally and vertically from the pull at the center.