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Monstera Soap Holder

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The Monstera Soap Holder is a fun new way to display you bar soaps.


Introducing your new favorite Monstera Soap Holder! Our soap holder is shaped like one of our favorite plants, the Monstera. Monsteras have a unique open leaf design, which in this case helps keep your soap draining well and drying quickly. Our upright design means that you can either display your soap with the cut side out or down.

Our Monstera Soap Holders come in 2 wood choices, Cedar or Maple. Cedar is a beautiful wood known to handle moisture well making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. This is also an aromatic cedar giving it a natural wood scent and slightly purple hue. We also love maple for the light color that makes a great neutral for any color scheme. Both have been coated to further protect it from moisture.

These soap holders come unassembled in 3 flat pieces to keep your shipping cost low and the product safe in transport. Simply insert the small foot into the notch on the smaller leaf with the longer side in front and then slide in the bottom leaf.

Need some fancy soap to put on your new soap holder? We highly recommend the soap from Traveler's Soap Co and Motherland Essentials.

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Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Doster
Unique and beautiful

Very well made. Gave several as Christmas gifts and they were a big hit. My brother placed business cards on his, my sister has a picture displayed. So, very versatile. Am buying more. I’m always displacing my phone so using one to hold my phone and another as a soap holder.