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Gingham Hand Towels

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100% Cotton gingham handwoven tea or hand towel


Do you have a dishrag drawer? You know, the one that houses all the functional but not-so-pretty dishrags while the pretty yet not-so-functional ones hang proudly and unused?

It's time to retire the dishrag drawer. Our gingham hand towels do all the important things: absorb messes, wash easily, and look good while doing it.

Our gingham handwoven cotton hand towels are made with 100% cotton. That means they are so soft and absorbent! It also makes them perfect for drying dishes in your kitchen or hands in the bathroom.

We weave these towels using a fine cotton thread warp and a mercerized cotton thread for weft. This also makes them strong and able to withstand use and machine washing. You can even mix and match these colors- we think they all look great together! (While these are sold individually, you can find complimenting colors in our washcloth sets sold here).

Hang your new cotton hand towels around the kitchen for a homey touch or in the guest bathroom to make your company feel well cared for. Use them to add new life to a much-loved kitchen. If you want a certain color to match your kitchen and don't see it here get in touch for your custom order.

Each towel is about 17.5 x 24.5" (including fringe.)
Each towel is handwoven and can be machine washed. Use a warm delicate cycle with like colors. Hang or lay flat to dry.

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