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Self-care Lavender Pillows

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Self-care Lavender Pillows for headaches, body aches, and relaxation.


Treat yourself and relax with our Self-care Lavender Pillows. They come in two sizes for your eyes or neck.
Each Self-care Lavender Pillow is uniquely handwoven with cotton fibers and filled with lavender, chamomile, and grains which can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer depending on your needs.

The soothing aroma of real lavender helps to ease the mind and calm the nerves. You can use the eye pillow for headaches or migraines. Heat the neck pillows and place on sore muscles. You can even use them to help soothe abdominal cramps. You can spot-clean these as needed.

These are safe to use with your kids who may need something warm and calming to go to sleep as well.

To warm our Self-care Lavender Pillows:
Heat the pillow in microwave on a clean microwave-safe dish for 30 seconds at a time until your desired temperature is reached. (do not exceed 2 minutes.)

To chill our Self-care Lavender Pillows:
You can place the pillow in a plastic bag in the freezer. It can take a couple hours to get fully chilled, but you can leave it in the freezer indefinitely.

Eye - 9" x 4"
Neck - 9.5" x 5"

*Our patterns may vary, requests will be followed if item is in stock.

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