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Cumi Woven Cowl (Limited Edition*)

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Limited release Cotton + alpaca cowls


We've reworked our idea of the infinity scarf into these perfect little year-round cowls. Each cowl is about 34" around and slips over your head easily. It holds the heat around your neck to keep you warm without adding all the bulk of other scarves. They're perfect for brisk spring mornings and cool autumn nights.

Each cowl is made with cotton and alpaca or wool yarns. The fabric is soft on the skin and will continue to get softer with wear and wash.

These cowls are machine washable (delicate) and dry-able (low heat). We suggest they be hung up to dry, just to ensure longevity, but either way they are sure to last you a very long time.

As stated, these cowls are hand-woven. We take great care in our weaving and are sticklers for quality. When you spend money on pieces like these, we want you to know you are getting heirloom-quality work. And if you are interested in any custom colors or sizes, we're happy to make something perfect for you. Just get in touch!

Customer Reviews

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Paige Caraway

Just the right length and softness.