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Cotton Dropdall Washcloths

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Set of 2 Handwoven Cotton Washcloths


Our new, 100% cotton Dropdall Washcloths are now available. You can use these on their own or alongside our Lautrec Hand towels in the bathroom or kitchen. When you purchase these, you will get a set of two 8" x 8" all cotton washcloths. We weave each and every washcloth in small batches on our 4 shaft floor loom using traditional patterns and techniques. Handweaving like this means we can use much less water and chemicals than more mass-produced textiles. It also means we can care for each product we produce individually as we lay each thread in place.

You can use these cotton Dropdall washcloths in many ways, such as for washing your face, drying dishes, during baby's bath time, etc. And these washcloths are safe to wash with your other towels. We just recommend laying them flat to dry. To increase longevity, you may also decide to wash them with your delicates.

Why should you choose cotton over other fibers? Well, for one, it's a natural fiber, not synthetic, which means it's better for the environment and your skin. Choosing cotton over other natural fibers like linen or silk could just be a matter of preference, but cotton is usually preferred for its wear and softness.

These are woven at the Daughter studio located inside Abode studios in Savannah, GA. Check out more about the space here.