Drawstring Bread Bag


Store your homemade bread in our new bread bag for added protection and freshness! Handwoven with cotton and linen in Georgia, USA.



You put so much love, care, and effort into your homemade bread, so store it with care too in our handwoven drawstring bread bags. Even when we put our homemade bread in the breadbox there is sometimes too much airflow or it just plain doesn’t fit! These cotton and linen bags are woven tightly to insure only a small amount of airflow to keep your bread fresh without it going stale too quickly. So you can put it in the breadbox or leave it on the counter. Our drawstring design also gives quick access to your bread and provides a helpful handle if you are taking your bread on the go. So go ahead and show off your bread at the party.

Your bread bag is machine washable and you can also use it when storing bread in your freezer as an added layer of protection. We do recommend your bread be in a reusable (freezer-safe) silicone or plastic wrap when going in the freezer.

Each bread bag measures approximately 15.5″ x 13″ and can be used reversibly.

New to bread making? Check out my favorite beginner bread recipe here: Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

PSST… not a bread maker? These bags are also great for beach days, light traveling, or storage in the car. Show us how you use it by tagging @daughter_handwovens


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